Curtain Ideas For Bay Windows

One way you can still see the dramatic view, allow the sun to lighten up the room, but also ensure that others cannot see in is by using a double curtain effect. You can easily use solid curtains with a sheer behind. This way you can use the solid curtains to open and close as you desire, but always have the sheer in place to ensure your privacy.

Some individuals use café  Sheer Curtains curtains, which offer a fixed curtain panel over the window or ones that can be moved out of the way when you want the sun to brighten up your home. Other ideas include shades, blinds, and shutters. Of course, the main idea with bay windows is to ensure you can enjoy the view, so choosing the proper window treatment is essential.

No matter what style of window treatment you choose, the answer for bay windows is remote control devices that will open and close the windows, open the shutters or blinds, or even pull the blinds up so you can let the sun in or watch the squirrels play. By using remote control curtains even with a sheer curtain behind, you can easily open the curtains and stay far enough way that you do not scare away the animals that have come to play in your yard. Now, you can easily creep up and take their photo before they realize they are being watched.

This is the best type of curtain for any bay window as it automates your home and gives you the chance to open or close the curtains with little effort, just pushing a button.

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