Travel RVing – Tailgating Your Favorite Sports Event

Travel RVing to your favorite sporting event has become an American tradition. Most people think of football when they think of tailgating, but there are tailgating parties at every plausible sporting event. Although football season is a great time to fire up the RV and head for the game– it is certainly not your only option.

NASCAR races, baseball games, concerts, rodeo competitions–just to name a few– are perfect opportunities for putting your RV on the road and setting it up for some tailgating fun.

College football tailgating has to be one of the most beloved experiences in America. Nowhere else will you find so many electrified fans sporting their school’s colors flocking around a stadium for สมัครเว็บ ufabet hours–even days– before a game. Many RVing tailgaters don’t even attend the game itself. The game is the motive for getting together for some serious tailgating outside the stadium.

Travel RVing to a professional football game is another thing altogether. Veteran tailgaters know that the professional game is distinctly different from the college variety. No reason to think that one is better than the other, but college tailgating exhibits a more lively, celebratory theme for tailgaters. Still, the professional football game is the most popular in America. There is some serious tailgating going on before a pro game.

And then came NASCAR. Second in popularity only to pro football (and gaining fast), the NASCAR spectacle is tough to beat. Travel RVing to a NASCAR event is beyond the realm of exciting. It takes you into a whole different dimension. Whether it’s the thunderous roar of the engines as they enter into the first lap, or the banging and clanging of metal on metal impact as they fight to move up a position at nearly 200 mph– something about it captivates you. For those who have never been to a NASCAR race, watching fast cars go round and round in circles might seem a little monotonous. But once you have been to a live racing event, chances are you are hooked for life. For RVers, the attraction to a NASCAR event is greater than the race itself. NASCAR fans and NASCAR stars RV the race circuit.

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