Glycemic Foods Info For Bodybuilding

As carbohydrate foods have different rates of absorption into the bloodstream, the glycemic index is a ranking that indicates how fast such carbohydrate foods are converted to sugar. Pure glucose is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream so it weighs a GI index of 100. Other carbohydrate foods are mostly below this level. The glycemic index helps nutritionists rate the impact of foods on blood sugar levels. In this regard diabetic patients on insulin shots, benefit from taking foods with low GI index.

Comparing Low and High Glycemic Foods for Bodybuilding

While low GI foods cause carbohydrates to be slowly released into the blood, high G sr9009 stenabolic I meals are released at a much faster rate. How this links to bodybuilding? Insulin is a blood chemical released periodically to control blood sugar levels. High level Glycemic Foods raise the blood sugar to higher rates meaning more insulin is required to get blood sugar levels back to normal. As a bodybuilder, more sugar in the blood means less fat burning during workouts.

The perfect way to burn fat is to not have breakfast or a meal before workouts. This burns most fat and the least carbohydrate. It works the other way round too. Eating Foods high on the Glycemic Index mean the least fat burned because there’s still a lot of sugar in the blood for the body to use up. Bodybuilders looking to burn fat will benefit most from low GI feeds which burn up more fat than carbohydrates.

Low GI foods release sugar to the blood gradually meaning there’s more energy for endurance activities. Athletes already on a balanced diet may take advantage of the GI index by consuming Foods low on the Glycemic scale just before workout sessions and high GI foods thereafter. Relying on this tactic for bodybuilders may lead to a scenario where low GI foods help burn more fat while higher GI foods taken after workouts build up sugar levels.

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